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Yosemite you don’t know

Enjoy 23 off-the-beaten-path Sierra experiences

A one-of-a-kind world of towering encounters, the Yosemite region is an enormous place. There is so much to see in these parts that it could take weeks or even years to do it all.

Since you probably don’t have that kind of time, local Yosemite experts have pulled together some of the most indelible Sierra activities for you. The trails. The arts. The dining. Even the rodeo.

From bass fishing to axe throwing, there’s something here that each member of your group will enjoy. Yes, even cantankerous Uncle Jim.

Here are the true Yosemite must-sees, compiled by those who know the area best exclusively for Yosemite visitors like you.

  1. Steam train rides 
  2. Horseback trail rides 
  3. Off-road UTV and Jeep rentals 
  4. Axe throwing 
  5. Bike rentals and mountain bike trail information 
  6. Brewery and pub 
  7. Historic village and park 
  8. Local theater 
  9. Oakhurst’s first winery 
  10. Seasonal art walk 
  11. Golf 
  12. National Forest hike
  13. Bass Lake
  14. Seasonal boat rentals 
  15. Seasonal foods
  16. Seasonal eats and events 
  17. Trails of Bass Lake
  18. Historical museum
  19. Local rodeo 
  20. Shopping 
  21. Skydiving 
  22. Yoga and wellness
  23. Climbing museum